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What’s MatsuiMachine

What does Matsui Machine provide? What is it? What does it use for?
We has explained clearly about our products to answer your inquiry.

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  • CASCADE MINI RING is Matsui Machine’s registered trademark.
  • We have products for aqueous application and various other products. Please feel free to ask us.
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  • Request form for simulation (for Distillation, Absorption, Batch distillation)
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Do you know our correspondence ability of materials?

Our actual value is formidable.
Packing, Internals, Column, etc…Any combination with our products and materials is possible.

Carbon, SUS, Ceramics, PFA, Hastelloy, Vinyl chloride+FRP, Copper, Rubber lining, Nickel, FRP,Monel, Titanium palladium, SUS329eq…etc.

Are you giving up to use structured packing for aqueous application?

In the case of the principle that liquid film evenly covers on surface of structured packing, aqueous application occurs contact failure by liquid and gas due to the high surface tension of water. That is because ability of structured packing decreases by half as process liquid including water cannot be defused on surface of structured packing. Then here T-type comes !

It is not good at all that packing does not get wet. The principle of T-type seems simple but its effect is great! liquid can be evenly defused on surface of sheet by using capillary phenomenon by T-type structure of MESH + SHEET + MESH. For aqueous application, T-type delivers performance as same as organic liquid.

Are you interested in a performance analysis of untested packed column?

The performance analysis of existing packed column is our specialized field. You can see things about untested packed column that you cannot find. Now!! It is the beginning of new improvement ! Are you interested in a performance analysis of untested packed column?

  • Is it OK to use that distributor?
  • Can this packed column be drawn out the performance in the first place?
  • Can its performance be boosted? How much does it have an available capacity?
  • This is a chance to know its HETP ! YES ! We would like you to definitely know it !

Matsui Machine is a clinic for paced column! Please feel free to contact us !

Do you know “MM-PAK” of Matsui Machine Ltd?

Please consider renew/new adoption of the existing pall ring. Seeing is believing! We are providing samples now !

  • MM-PAK is a brother of cascade mini ring and a upgrade version of pall ring. ・・・※MI-PAK is manufactured at the same worksite as cascade mini ring and pall ring.
  • It is a hidden great product among the people who really know.
  • The strength of MM-PAK improves and its price is cheaper and weight saving compare with pall ring.・・・Pall ring also becomes slim.
  • It is safe because of an Japanese product・・・

Do you know “MI-PAK” of Matsui Machine Ltd?

In response to your request, surprised domestic production of MI-PAK!! It is safe because MI-PAK is manufactured at the same worksite as cascade mini ring !! Seeing is believing.

  • We can provide special material such as Titanium, SUS329J4L etc…!
  • We can calculate for MI-PAK so please be assured !!
  • It is a domestic production ! That may be rare !
  • We can accept delivery to be short because MI-PAK is the domestic production !
  • Since MI-PAK and cascade mini ring are used depending on the intended use, it is so convenience !
  • The material is JIS !
  • Finally, we have responded your expectations !

You can count on us with anything packing in ceramic !

Actually, the company that provides structured packing in ceramic in Japan is only Matsui Machine ! Were you aware about that?

The company that provides structured packing in ceramic in Japan is only Matsui Machine !

  • Please try balls once !
  • Saddles are durable. They will be your help !
  • It is the oldest but well-known.
  • This is the packing everyone is talking about…Attention !
  • Actually, we provide structured packing in graphite !

About performance of general-purpose random packing.

As you know, general-purpose random packing is the packing of old type such as Ranching ring, Pall ring and Interlocks saddle ring etc… Isn’t it the undoubted fact that general-purpose random packing is historical. They are still used at various sites.

Don’t you think that it is too early to conclude that it is enough to use general-purpose packing not high performance random packing for scrubber and detoxifying column?

Just a moment please!! There is a difference of design than you think so the image that the packing is expensive will vanish!!


general-purpose random packing.
  • Dirt is a weak point.
  • It’s thickish a little.
  • Occurrence of tunnel…Drift-prone…
  • It is easy to perform in accordance with actual performances but…
  • HETP per one layer cannot be high.

↓↓There is such a difference by changing a packing.

high performance random packing
  • Volume of packing is reduced.
  • Change to slim!!
  • There is a merit of cost for column
  • Internal is economic due to one layer.
  • Utilized packing is more smaller, there is more effect.
  • It is cheaper than you think.
  • Since the packing has high performance, you can select bigger size of packing. In result, the packing will be cheaper./li>

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Cutting fluid used for cutting with saw blade.
【One-point advice for maintenance of cutting machine】

Mostly, aqueous cutting fluid (soluble type) is used for cutting with band saw. Vegetable oil of oily cutting fluid is used for cutting with carbide circular saw.
Cutting fluid has a huge effect on life of saw blade.

■Item to be checked before using cutting fluid to machine.
  1. Density of cutting fluid is enough or not→Checked by color, slime and desitometer.
  2. Cutting fluid volume is eough or not → Check the fluid in tank.
  3. Delivery of cutting fluid is appropriate or not and the presence or absence of break and clog of pipe.
  4. The presence or absence of scum on the surface of cutting fluid → Cause of clogging of filter.
  5. The presence or absence of cutting fluid leak → The ground becomes very slippery and it smells bad.
  6. Replacing used cutting fluid with new one → Used cutting fluid is indstrial waste.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have you done exchanging a battery?
【One-point advice for maintenance of cutting machin】

One-point advice for using a cutting machine for years !
Please let us tell you about a battery.

In this machine(Noritake NCS2/100), battery is used for saving the control data of Sequencer. When the battery runs out, the machine can’t be used because the data is lost.

It requires time and a lot of cost to restore the data. The alarm alerts you when the remaining battery is low. The life of battery is 5 to 7 years. It is recommended to exchange early the battery.

Cutting fluid strongly influences the life of saw blade.

  • A1S Line,FX Line
  • Touch panel of white frame in control panel
  • Sequencer type

We have various type of battery.
Please feel free to contact us if there is anything we can help you with !!

Introduction to Packing and internals in Ceramics !!

The Products are mainly applied to highly corrosive process liquid !

  • We can manufacture not only packing but also internals such as distributor or support grid in ceramics !
  • We can also manufacture special packing tools and guide the packing method !
  • If packing and glass-lined can be collectively ordered, the performance of packing can be sufficiently exerted because we can design the best general arrangement of packing and a glass-lined tower.

●Packing in ceramics  ●Distributor  ●Support Grid ●Distributor

Please feel free to contact us !

Characteristics of NCS-5/150 from Noritake Co., Limited. (Cutting specification for stainless steel by MATSUI KOZAI CO., LTD.)

Conveyance device
  • Conveyor is adopted for preventing dents and its specification is that the materials cannot be collided with each other. The time
    of feeding materials of the conveyor can be set arbitrarily.
  • The structure of short size materials hardly causes dents because of reducing difference in the drop height
  • As the length of long size materials is adjusted to the height of a scaffold for feeding materials, we can work safely even if the weight of materials is loaded on a front side of the machine.
  • Chip tray is provided under the conveyor to keep clean around the conveyance device.
Extension of emergency stop switch.
  • We extend stop switches to the conveyance device, the scaffold and on the front of the machine as safety measures.
Scaffold for feeding materials・Measure to prevent falling materials.
  • Measure to prevent falling materials from the scaffold to the hydraulic equipment is applied.
Improvement of maintainability.
  • To ease the exchange of oil for hydraulic tank, we change the discharge port of the existing oil to the side face of the machine.
Cutting materials as pressing.
  • The machine can cut material of the length from 50mm to 700mm by mounting the attachment for cutting material as pressing. We don’t use a ruler because the machine can measure automatically the length of the materials. So misreading the scale on a ruler is eliminated.
  • We can safely press materials to the attachment because of using a conveyance stand for long size materials.
  • The switch of main clamp is arranged on a front surface of the machine and it has a structure which we can work safely as confirming the clamp and materials.
  • The cutting work can be efficiently performed by attaching one cycle switch. One cycle: Start the rotation of saw blade → Forward movement of saw blade → Backward movement of saw blade → Stop the rotation of saw blade.

Introduce to our new items, Static Mixers and Lab packing!!

Static Mixers

Static mixing is to homogenize fluid without rotating parts.
This product has excellent characteristics.
It can operate various processes in a variety of industrial fields and be applied to the wide range of unit operations.
Its energy consumption can be reduced and the space to install it can be small. There is no friction and it is requred little maintenance inspection.

Mixing liquid and liquid, gas and gas, luquids which of viscosity is different.There are two types of Static Mixer, FMV and FMX.


  • Mixing low viscosity gases and liquids
  • Dispersing immiscible liquids
  • Contacting gases and with liquids


  • Mixing high viscosity liquids.
  • Mixing & Dispersing liquids which of viscosity is different
  • Homegenizing plastic melts in injection moulding machines
Lab packing

Lab packing is packing that is a prototype in manufacturing process of chemical products.
And also it is packing for obtaining the design data of refining apparatus and perfroming tests at a laboratory. We can provide glass tubes which of size are column diameter from 20mm to 100mm.
We have two types of Lab packing, DM and EM.
The packing has high theoretical stages and low pressure loss.

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