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Overseas Trading Dept.

Overseas Trade

As we have rolled into the 21st century, in the world growing pace of globalization, procurement of materials and customer acquisition are required a business evolution which puts more focus on overseas in Japan.

We launch Overseas Trading Department and make an effort to enhance information collecting ability and procurement ability and create the system positively pursuing the market.

Overseas Trading Department

Our Overseas Trading Department deal mostly with exporting and importing of our products but also has business of procurement of merchandise of our associated company in other countries.
If you have any question and problem, please feel free to contact us.

China trade

Especially, we have a locally incorporated company called “DALIAN MATSUI INTEGRITY TRADE Co., Ltd. “so it is possible to trade domestically within China.
For example, we can help a trading between your locally incorporated company and manufacturer in China.
And also we can inspect products and control quality.

Other countries

In China, we have an office in Tianjin.
We can perform inspection and quality control so please contact us.

Our actual countries we export and import to

China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, North America

Main products we export and import

  • Column packing, Parts related equipment of petroleum or chemical plant such as internals
  • General stainless such as SUS304, 316L and materials of Titanium and explosion bonding
  • Pipework components
  • Clothing
  • Miscellaneous goods
  • etc.

Unlike domestic trade, there is different rule about overseas trade so it is hard to understand.
We can consider trade terms to meet your expectation if you concult us.


We receive an order of packing required for exporting using a fumigation and plywood.


We can assist your business from surveying and requesting for samples at a factory on site to all arrangement of import.

If you have any other question about exporting and importing, please feel free to comtact us.


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